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The website accessible at (hereafter, the "Site") is provided by PERNOD SAS, a joint-stock company with capital of 40,000,000 euros, registered at the Créteil RCS trade and companies register, under number 302 208 301, with headquarters at 51 chemin des mèches in Créteil (94000), France (hereafter, the "Company"). 

The Company is responsible for the handling of your personal data with regards to this law.

This Privacy Policy provides details about the collection, treatment and use of your personal data and your rights in terms of its protection.

Before using this Site, please read this Privacy Policy carefully. If you do not wish us to gather your information under the conditions stipulated in the Privacy Policy, we inform you that we may not be able to meet some of your requests. We reserve the right to modify the current Privacy Policy at any time. We will inform you about any modifications to the policy before they become effective, by notifying you as you connect to the Site. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly review the Privacy Policy in order to ensure you are fully aware about any modifications that may have been made, and about how your information may be used.


For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the term "personal data" means information that may be used to identify you personally or contact you on- or off-line. This information includes your full name, address, email address, telephone number ("named information"), as well as your date of birth, age, sex and interests or preferences, when this information is combined with your named information (collectively referred to by the term "personal data").

Personal data is only gathered with your consent (i.e. if you provide it to us directly through an online form available on the Site, or through cookies you have agreed to allow, if any), if you wish to access the various functions and services available now or in the future on our Site, in the following formats:

  • Subscription to a newsletter or creation of an account to join a club;
  • Send to a friend;
  • Participation in a prize draw or competition;
  • Use of a QR code displayed on our products;
  • Organisation of an event (invitation form/online registration);
  • Reactions, questions or comments through our contact form;
  • Any other request which may require the transmission of personal data.

The nature and amount of the data gathered depends on the purpose of the functions laid out above, and may therefore vary. For some functions or services, you may be invited to generate a user name and/or password, and/or provide further information: (i) your age or date or birth, (ii) your sex, (iii) how often you use a product, (iv) information about your household, your lifestyle and your interests.

Subject to applicable law requirements, we can use certain types of technology that gather and provide information on how you access and use our Site, as well as demographic information about the users of our Site, that we can obtain from third parties such as Google or the social networks you use ("Usage information"). Usage information may include the pages you have viewed, the time you spent viewing them, the products associated with the information, or other content that you have viewed, the display language, demographic information about you (your age, your sex and your interests, if appropriate), and the page you viewed before arriving at the current page, so that we may get a better idea of how our users interact with our brands, and can then tailor and improve accordingly. Most usage information that we gather generally cannot be linked to you individually. However, if we can link it to you, then we treat it as personal data, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


All information gathered is used for the purpose provided for which you submitted the information to us, or as otherwise identified when the information was gathered, or in the present Privacy Policy. These purposes are as follows:

  • When saving or registering to our online forms: the personal data you provide is used to offer you the benefits and privileges that typically come along with registration, especially the ability to receive communications you select at the time of registration or that automatically come with your registration (e.g. subscription to a newsletter, creation of an account, participation in a prize draw or competition, invitation to or participation at an organised event);
  • When you use the "Send to a friend" feature: the personal data requested for one-time use features (typically names and email addresses) are used on a one-time basis (e.g. to send the communication) and are not further retained;
  • When you use a QR code displayed on our products: we use your personal data to send you more information about the products on which the QR code was displayed, or other PERNOD products;
  • Feedback, questions or comments through our "Contact Us" form: if you contact us using an online form, your information is used to reply to your request or comment.

In addition to the purposes for which you submitted your personal data, you may also be given the option (by ticking a box or otherwise) to have your information used for an activity or service that is different from the original activity or service you requested. For example, if you sign up for a contest or other promotion, you may also be invited to sign up for newsletters or promotions, or for other Internet sites or products within the Pernod Ricard group. If you choose to receive these additional services, we will use your information to provide you with them.

We may also use your email address to send you transactional or administrative communications (e.g. a confirmation email when you sign up or unsubscribe from a subscription, or specific activity/service), as well as certain service-related announcements (e.g. notifications about updates to our Privacy Policy, discontinued features or programs on our Site, changes to our online services or technical support policies, or other related changes), or even commercial communication (subject to the receipt of your consent when this is required by law).

We may also use your Personal and/or demographic data for our internal marketing and demographic studies, so we can constantly improve and personalise the products and services we provide, and better meet your needs.

Information is conserved throughout the duration required for the purposes for which it was gathered and is, in any event, destroyed at the end of this period.


The Company will never share your personal data with any third party that intends to use it for direct marketing purposes, unless we have specifically informed you about this possibility and have received specific permission from you to do this.

For the purposes mentioned in Article 2, the Company may share your personal data with companies controlled directly or indirectly by Pernod Ricard (collectively known as "Pernod Ricard Group").

The Company may also share your personal data with third parties, but only in the following circumstances:

  • We may use service providers, agents or contractors to provide support for the internal operations of our Site and to assist us with administering them or the various functions, programs and promotions available on it. These third parties must provide the same levels of security for your personal data and take suitable measures to that end;
  • When we run a joint or co-sponsored project or promotion on our Site with another company, organisation or other reputable third party; and as part of this event, gather and process personal data, we may share your personal data with our partner. If your personal data is gathered by (or shared with) another company other than the Company as part of such promotion, we will let you know this at the time your personal data is gathered;
  • When running any promotion involving another company, we may provide a separate link to that company's Privacy Policy. In addition, we strongly encourage you to read it before providing your personal data, as we cannot guarantee that this company adheres to the same privacy practices as ours. If you do not want your data to be gathered by (or shared with) a company other than ours, you can always choose not to opt in or participate in these events at the time the personal data is gathered/requested;
  • We may also disclose your personal data if we are required to do so by law, or if in our good faith judgement, such action is reasonably necessary to comply with legal processes, to respond to any complaints or to protect the safety or rights of the Company, its customers, or the public;
  • In the event of a merger or acquisition of all or part of the Company by another company, or in the event that the Company were to sell or dispose of all or a part of the Company's business, the buyer would have access to the information maintained by the Company, subject to applicable law. Similarly, personal data may be transferred as part of a corporate reorganisation, insolvency proceeding, or other similar event, if permitted in accordance with applicable law;
  • We may share general demographic or survey information with third parties. But the information is anonymous and contains no personal data. The general information that we share may include anonymous information gathered through the use of cookies and other similar tracking technology, as explained in Article 4.


This Site uses trackers such as cookies, IP address or log files to gather the following information: type of browser and operating system, landing page, browsing history through the site, and the ISP domain name, in order to improve the use and functions of our Internet sites, and to better understand how visitors use our Site, and the tools and services therein. Tracking technology allows us to adapt our Site to your personal needs.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files installed on your device that serve a number of purposes, such as allowing you to browse between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences and generally improving your experience.

As long as we have your consent in accordance with applicable law, we use cookies to improve the use and functions of our Site, and to better understand how visitors use our digital media, and the tools and services provided therein. The use of cookies enables you to browse and evaluate your movements on our Site more efficiently and with greater precision.

What cookies are used on the Site and how can they be deactivated?

Some cookies on this Site are essential if you wish to use the Site and some of its features (e.g. the age filter).

Others are used to optimise your browsing experience on our Site, or to gather anonymous statistics and visitor volumes, and the use of certain content, sections, etc. of the Site, which allows us to improve the relevance of our services or to provide you with content that matches your interests and to target and personalise the offers we send you. Our Site also uses "social plug-ins" which give you the option of sharing information on social networks.

You will find below the list of the cookies used on the Site, their purpose, and how to deactivate them.

Other than "essential" cookies, which you cannot deactivate, these cookies may be deactivated at any time, individually or as a complete group.

However, we inform you that some configurations you may use could modify your browsing experience on the Site, and your ability to access some of the services requires the use of cookies.

In accordance to CNIL (French national data protection organisation) recommendations, cookies are stored for a maximum of 13 months.

Third party cookies

The use of our Site may require the installation of certain cookies produced by third parties (advertising agencies, audience measurement companies, social networks, YouTube, etc.) which are beyond our control. The emission and use of cookies by third parties are subject to these third parties' privacy policies.

IP address

An IP address is a number used by computers on the network to identify your computer every time you log on to the Internet. We may keep track of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to: (i) troubleshoot technical concerns, (ii) maintain website safety and security, (iii) restrict access to our Site to certain users and (iv) better understand how our Site is used.

We (or a third party on our behalf) may gather data in the form of log files that record our Site activity and gather statistics about users' browsing habits. These entries are generated anonymously and help us gather (among other things) (i) a user's browser type and operating system, (ii) information about a user's session (such as the URL they came from, the date and time they visited our Site, and which pages they viewed and for how long) and (iii) other similar navigational or click-stream data. We also use information captured in log files for our internal marketing and demographic studies, so we can constantly improve and customise the online services we provide. Log files are used internally only, and are not associated with any particular user.


The Pernod Ricard Group is a global company and your personal data may be transferred across international borders for the purposes explained above, including to countries which may have data protection laws that are different from those within the European Union. They may be exchanged among various companies within the Pernod Ricard Group in several different countries (see list in appendix 1) or with third party service providers as part of the provision of company-wide services within the Pernod Ricard Group and with a presence in the United States.

The Company and the Pernod Ricard Group are committed to taking the appropriate measures to maintain the security of personal data, both during transit and at the receiving location, by implementing typical European Commission contractual clauses in accordance with applicable law requirements.


Unless otherwise indicated, we store your information for as long as is required by the purposes for which it was gathered. After this period, your personal data will be deleted.  


Files created from personal data are declared to the CNIL.

According to French law, you have the right to view, modify and correct your personal data (Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978).

You also have the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of your personal data, as well as the right to oppose the use of this data for prospecting, especially commercial prospecting.

Depending on specific cases, you also have the right to rectify, complete, update, block or remove your data when it is inaccurate, incomplete, uncertain or out of date, or if the collection, use, communication or conservation of this data is prohibited.

You may exercise these rights simply by contacting the Company either by sending an email to the following address: or by writing to the following address: SERVICE CONSOMMATEURS PERNOD SA, 82 rue Nationale, 37000 TOURS, France.

If you are subscribed to receive information by email, you may also unsubscribe from these emails either by contacting the addresses above, or by following the instructions contained in each of these emails as you receive them.

For all requests for information about personal data protection, you can also contact the address above.


The Company takes all technical and organisational measures necessary to protect the confidentiality and security of the personal data gathered on the Site in order to prevent it from being altered, damaged, destroyed or given over to unauthorised third parties.

Updated: July 2016


Appendix 1: list of PERNOD-RICARD subsidiaries.

Pernod Ricard Angola, Pernod Ricard Argentina / Pernod Ricard Andes of Southern Cone Cluster, Pernod Ricard Armenia, Pernod Ricard Australia / Pernod Ricard Pacific Travel Retail New South Wales, Pernod Ricard Austria GmbH, Pernod Ricard Belgium, Pernod Ricard Minsk, Pernod Ricard Bosnia, Pernod Ricard Brazil / Pernod Ricard Paraguay, Pernod Ricard Bulgaria, Campo Viejo, Pernod Ricard Andes / Pernod Ricard Chile, Chivas Brothers Ltd Chivas House, Pernod Ricard Colombia, Corby Distilleries Limited, Pernod Ricard Croatia, Jan Becher, Pernod Ricard Denmark, Pernod Ricard Nordic, Pernod Ricard Deutschland, Pernod Ricard Estonia, Pernod Ricard Finland Oy, Mumm, Pernod Ricard Ghana, Pernod Ricard Hellas, Havana Club International, Pernod Ricard Hungary, Pernod Ricard India (P) Limited, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard, Pernod Ricard Italia, Pernod Ricard Japan KK, Pernod Ricard Kazakhstan, Pernod Ricard Kenya, Pernod Ricard Latvia Sia, Pernod Ricard Lietuva, Pernod Ricard Malaysia, Martell, Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët, Pernod Ricard Mexico, Pernod Ricard Morocco, Pernod Ricard New Zealand, Pernod Ricard Nigeria, Brand Partners AS, Pernod Ricard Norway, Pernod Ricard (Headquarters), Pernod Ricard EMEA (Headquarters), Pernod Ricard Middle East & North Africa, Pernod Ricard Travel Retail Europe, Pernod Ricard UK, Pernod Ricard Winemakers New South Wales, Pernod Ricard Winemakers Australia, Pernod SAS, Perrier-Jouët, Pernod Ricard Peru, Pernod Ricard Philippines, WYBOROWA PERNOD RICARD, Pernod Ricard Portugal, Ricard SAS, Pernod Ricard Romania S.R.L, Pernod Ricard Eastern Europe / Pernod Ricard Rouss, Pernod Ricard Serbia, Pernod Ricard Singapore, Pernod Ricard Southern central Europe / Pernod Ricard Slovenia d.o.o, Pernod Ricard South Africa, Pernod Ricard Korea, Pernod Ricard Iberia / Pernod Ricard Espagne, Domecq Bodegas, Pernod Ricard Sub-Saharan Africa, Pernod Ricard Nordic / Pernod Ricard Sweden, Pernod Ricard Swiss, Pernod Ricard Taiwan Ltd, Pernod Ricard Thailand Ltd, The Absolut Company, Pernod Ricard Nederland, Pernod Ricard Turkey, Pernod Ricard USA, Pernod Ricard Americas, Pernod Ricard Americas Travel Retail, Pernod Ricard Ukraine, Pernod Ricard Gulf, Pernod Ricard Travel Retail Europe, Pernod Ricard Uruguay, Pernod Ricard Northern Cluster / Pernod Ricard Venezuela / Pernod Ricard Central America, Pernod Ricard Vietnam, Wyborowa SA, Yerevan Brandy Company.